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Rhonda Rheal
Lane Byers Law Enforcement Officer
Diana Skates Pharmacy Technictian
Boyce and Rosalita Wright Firefighter Retired-Lowe's Installer/Teacher-Realtor Retired
Karen Miller Secretary/Office Manager
Suzanne Redmon Pharmacist
Jerry P. Sims Business Consultant, University System of GA, Retired

A True Patriot...

I have known Roy Dale Cope All my Life.

Roy Dale Cope is honest, loyal, patriotic, and demonstrates the utmost level of integrity.

Roy Dale Cope is not only an honest and upstanding Tennessean, but he is also my cousin. I ask that you consider him when you go to the polls, not because of familial status, but because he stands for the right, is a true Patriot, and has the highest level of integrity. I truly believe that he will serve our great state to the very best of his ability. Kinship aside, I WILL cast my vote for him for these reasons alone. I ask my Tennessee friends to take a strong look at him and decide for yourself.. if you’re tired of the status quo Politician, please feel free to share! Thank you all!

Tennessee needs more leaders and less “politicians” in the Senate and because I have known Roy Dale Cope all my life, because I have seen a poor boy from Georgia put himself through college, become a Pharmacist, and serve our country’ in the military, I can tell you without hesitation or doubt, that he would “serve” Tennessee, the state that I love, just as he served our great country with passion, courage, and integrity.

Civic Minded Fighter

I have known Dale and his lovely family for well over 10 years through church and the Filipino-American community.

I have known Dale to be civic-minded in his dealings with the community. Dale is a conservative, who cares about important issues facing our nation. Dale is also a fighter, who isn’t afraid to express his opinion on issues that he feels need to be addressed.

You can rest assured that Dale Cope is a conservative Christian candidate that will fight to bring this country back to where it needs to be.

If you care about you and your children’s future in this country, it is important that you help elect Dale.

Compassionate to others' needs

I have known Dale for about 2 years. I work in the pharmacy at Walmart Neighborhood Market, and he would fill in when our Pharmacy manager or staff Pharmacist needed to take some well deserved time off.

Dale is not only compassionate to others' needs, but he is also a very hard working man. When he would fill in at the pharmacy he would always help in whatever area he was needed from filling prescriptions to ringing up our customers. In other words, Dale will get the job done!

Dale is a man of his word if he tells you he will do it then consider it done.

I believe it is time for a change and feel Dale is the right man for this.

Integrity...beyond what is expected

We've known Dale and Joy for about ten years after meeting them at a local church. Our friendship with them has meant so much throughout these years.

Dale is a man of integrity, honesty, hard-working, enthusiastic, and he will go beyond what is expected of him to do a great job for our country.

Dale will not disappoint you in any way. He will put his all into helping keep America Great Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will definitely support Dale Cope and would suggest that anyone seeking for someone honest, intelligent, morally and mentally fit for this position to cast your vote for Roy Dale Cope.

Help That Comes From The Heart

Dale is my eldest Brother so I've known him my entire life.

Dale is an excellent candidate for US Senate as he is a man of integrity, he's honest, determined, and committed to any job he's ever done.

From our childhood, Dale has always been a leader. He's always been my mentor, and I can rely on honest, knowledgeable advice from him. I've had the opportunity to work with Dale at CPC Concrete and at Highland Pharmacy. As a businessman, he is fair and respectful to all staff, customers, and vendors, treating everyone with equal respect from the VIP to the janitor. I often recall his words, "Attention to detail" and "Make it happen". Hence, he is VERY detail-oriented and gets the job done. I feel his military background, his experience in business and his commitment to excellence, all built upon a foundation of good morals make him an excellent choice for US Senate.

I'm very committed to supporting Dale in his decision to run for US Senate. His desire to help Tennessee as well as America comes from the heart. We need more leaders with the best interest of the People in mind and not for self-gain. Dale has the intelligence, drive, and determination to Make it Happen!

Exemplary Character

I have practiced pharmacy for over 45 years and have worked with Dale for 5 years at Walmart Pharmacy. During this time I have had the opportunity to watch Dale interacting with patients in a very caring, knowledgeable, and thorough manner. In addition, Dale is my manager in the pharmacy. Dale is a very adept manager due to his vast experience in the management of many people in many business capacities. I was able to observe many positive interactions with his staff. Dale always could see alternative and positive solutions to situations.

Dale is the most honest and straight forward man I know. Dale will not be swayed or negatively influenced. Dale has management skills. Dale is able to communicate well. Dale always takes the time to explain the facts so that everyone can understand them. Dale has integrity, exemplary character, Dale has no bias. In my personal interaction with Dale, he has always been fair and honest. As a female pharmacist in a male-dominated profession, I have experienced prejudice, harassment, and disrespect. Dale has ALWAYS shown me respect. Dale has positive interactions with people of all walks of life--as related to race, creed, nationality, education and economic level. Dale is not biased. Dale's experience in the Navy gives him an understanding of the military which is needed by members of Congress.

Dale's advantage in this race is the fact that he is a newcomer to Washington. Dale is honest, has integrity, and will stand firm for his beliefs and constituents.

When Dale told me he was running for Senator, the very first thing I said was: "We need more people like you in Washington." I am very committed to Dale's campaign. I sincerely hope Dale is successful, as Dale would be an outstanding Senator. Dale has the best interests of his constituents in his heart.

A Man of High Honor

I have known Dale for 12 years in a professional capacity as his business consultant and a personal capacity as a good friend.

I consider Dale to be a man of high honor, honesty, dependability, and trustworthiness. His empathy for people and determination to succeed are above reproach. I consider him to be highly worthy of holding a seat in the US Senate.

Dale is a man of the people and not a man of special interests who are easily bought by the deep pockets at the expense of the people. The Washington Swamp is full of this kind of vermin. We need representatives of the people who will place the power of government back in the hands of "We The People."

I am prepared to render my full support and contributions to elect representatives like Dale to Congress.

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