April 5, 2020

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The devastating economic blow to our economy and the horrendous loss of jobs requires that our federal and state governments step up to the plate and help those in need.
*Jobless benefits until our families get back on their feet.
*Aid for small businesses so they can rebuild and rehire.
*Help for the destitute who cannot afford food, shelter or basic health care.
The stimulus bill passed by Congress is a start, but it will not be enough.
State governments are partners in the solution, and the loss of tax revenue has also impacted their ability to serve the public and deliver essential services. The next bill passed by Congress must replenish their depleted unemployment funds, coffers drained by skyrocketing medical bills and the demands placed on first responders. If it becomes clear that significant numbers of unemployed Americans are having difficulty finding work, going forward we should put them to work on infrastructure projects that serve the public good, helps put our economy back on track and provide jobs to those who need them.

About the author 

Roy Dale Cope

A TN & GA licensed pharmacist, small business owner, U.S. Navy enlisted and Commissioned Officer of the U.S. Public Health Service Veteran. An active member of the International Community Baptist Church (ICBC). Both a blessed husband of 35 years and a father of three. An American Patriot and a Conservative "Bona-Fide" Republican TN Candidate for U.S. Senate.

  • As far as fixing the economy of Tn. and or the country, the corps that have moved the manufacturing part of the businesses overseas have to be held accountable. If said company maintains offices and legal residence here but keeps manufacturing elsewhere, then their GROSS income should be taxed at 50%. If they return manufacturing back to the USA in meaningful numbers then they can keep their tax advantages and some loopholes, but they also must pay something in income taxes (not just keep devaluing assets to the point of not paying something).

    • I fully agree with you regarding the evasive tax large corporations have historically taken by producing
      goods overseas and reporting them as revenues and earning outside the USA. Ironically under Obama,
      punitive corporate tax rates were imposed on US corporations along with extensive regulations that
      prevented the growth of US business activity and job growth. Major internationally engaged US
      corporations were able to produce revenues and earning outside the USA and keep those earning outside
      the USA to avoid taxes under Obama. General Electric under CEO Jeffery Immelt evades billion of
      taxes with his close association with Obama while at the same time destroying much of the GE value by
      selling off much of what his predecessor, Jack Welch had built. There should have been punitive taxes
      applied to those taxable earnings that Immelt was able to evade.
      Ironically, the problem is not just large corporations ability to evade taxes by simply keeping production
      out of the USA and keeping the taxable earnings out of the USA. It is also the so-called Unification of
      Corporate and State to form an excessive contribution base for political corruption at the expense of the
      taxpaying citizen. Why is it, deep pocket Corporations and deep pocket billionaires can buy political
      interests? In order for each voting citizen to have a fair voice in the political influence, maybe it should be
      unlawful for billionaires and corporations to have an extensive voice and interest in the political process.
      When Planned Parenthood receives millions of dollars from the Democrats in taxpayer dollars then makes
      a contribution of 1/3 of these funds back to the Democrat Party, it can be easily seen there is some
      extremely corrupt and unlawful about this. When this occurs, there should be a tax of 250% the
      Democrats pay on the kickback contribution and a 250% tax on the contribution made by Planned
      Parenthood. This could be applied to any entity that is NON-Citizen voter. We are in need of much tax
      reform and campaign finance reform. It is time, the votes take action as well and cast a vote against
      candidates who represent the money and not the electorate.
      The tax code should provide an incentive for US Corporations to produce in the US, with US workers and
      export overseas to consuming markets so to expand and leverage the US GDP and the valuation of the
      individual corporation. Yet, historically, management tends to only reward themselves with the earnings
      via excessive bonuses and golden parachutes. Other stakeholder such as the employees and stockholders
      must also be rewarded with dividends and stock options just as management provides themselves. The
      opportunity to invest in Corporate America and over time, realize a worthy growth in investment for
      retirement and enjoying the American Dream with real retirement an opportunity for prudent investors
      who provide the capital to fund growth in America.

      • Thanks for responding to me. Comprehensive election reform is needed to curb the influence that corporations have in government. Is there is a cap on individual donations to political campaigns (I thought something was legislated some years back to that effect). If so then why not a cap on corporate donations not to exceed a certain $ amount and only one donation given in any one election year? It would be a radical idea, but radical doesn’t always mean liberal.

  • The stimulus packages smack of creeping socialism as I see little or no effort to impose checks and balances. I see them as another pre election example of Democrats and some RINOs luring cash strapped voters into their camp without consideration of where to get the money to pay for these new programs. I am told by one of my service providers in Scott County trying to reopen his business that former employees did not want to return to work because they felt they made more on unemployment. Clearly, some people don’t want a hand up as they’d rather have a hand out, so it’s time to stop unfettered give-always of my tax dollars. I don’t want to hear there is not enough in federal/state coffers to deliver essential help to people. It’s time to look at some older programs that still reap votes for supportive lawmakers but have mediocre track records on cost effective impact. It is time to put sacred cows on the chopping block at the federal and state levels to make room for new high priority needs. I don’t think any economy can succeed in the long term without a balanced budget. I want my US Senators to stand up against the Democrat-controlled House to halt precipitous expenditures passed without consideration to the sources for funding within the federal budget.

    • H.H. I understand your frustrations regarding the balanced budget. In an election year all of the candidates (Dems, GOPers, Ind.) seem to touch on it, that it is needed; but once elected nothing ever gets done at the federal level to balance the budget…only seems to go up every year. I don’t believe we will see a balanced budget in our lifetime and I am 69 years young. As far as the stimulus package, yes many who were getting $600.00/week had never made that much; and as long as that was in effect where was the incentive to go to work? Many in the food industry could not get their workers back; but then the food industry has been exempt from even paying hourly minimum wages. But remember this was a plan agreed on by both the Dems and GOPers. This next plan should be different in regards to a constant $ amount.

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