April 25, 2020

Image displays some of my guns

“the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

the U.S. Constitution

The second amendment of the constitution says the “right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” That is what it means. No if’s, No and’s, No but’s!

The 2nd Amendment SHALL NOT be INFRINGED UPON, PERIOD! Those three times I just said it crossed the infinity line of how many times it has been said, written, etched, and spilled blood for and there will still be confusion. So Bless your heart if you still have questions where I stand! Unfortunately, so many elected Republican officials claim to be supportive of the 2nd just to end up being a RINO (that’s a Republican IName Only) when it comes to taking a stance. That’s why there are so many sanctuary locations in a state like Tennessee where one would think that there would be no issues. Where’s the Spine in that?
Of course, I am always in favor of being responsible and self-evaluation. So I asked myself, can we strengthen our second amendment right and be more protective of the innocent at the same time? How can we take the narrative away from those that oppose this right and get the focus back on enforcing the laws we already have? And is it possible to help keep firearms out of the hands of those that would misuse them? Not entirely, but yes I believe there is something that would strengthen our 2nd amendment right and move in the right direction on protecting us from misuse. I currently still own every gun I have bought as an adult. Why you may ask? Because I refuse to sell one of my guns to someone that I can’t be sure will be responsible. I have tried but can’t get a background on someone. Yet I believe there is a way to do that. Simply create an option for citizens that want to use the same FBI’s NICS background check system to clear a buyer before making a private party sale then register the transaction afterward. Private Party sellers of firearms to another citizen with an approved government background check and proper transfer registration would incur no further investigation of the seller should misuse of a buyer ever occur. The outcome is fewer firearms on the black market. That’s a win-win! Too simple and probably why nothing has been done about it until now.
The protection of Our Right to Bear Arms is strengthened, and we have a move in the right direction to a safer country. A win-win that Provides for the Common Defense and Secures the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity! A More Perfect Union!

About the author 

Roy Dale Cope

A TN & GA licensed pharmacist, small business owner, U.S. Navy enlisted and Commissioned Officer of the U.S. Public Health Service Veteran. An active member of the International Community Baptist Church (ICBC). Both a blessed husband of 35 years and a father of three. An American Patriot and a Conservative "Bona-Fide" Republican TN Candidate for U.S. Senate.

  • The Democrats fear most a population who hold precious their 2nd Amendment Rights. An armed population serves as a threat to Absolutism and the implementation of Tyranny and Despotism. One of the first steps in implementing Absolutism is overruling the 2nd Amendment and seizure of all weapons in the hands of the Citizens. The Left Wing Democrats have been attempting this for several decades and continue to intensify efforts of doing so. For them to implement their plans, the 2nd Amendment must be overturned and Law Abiding Citizens stripped of the fire arms they have in their possession. Each American Citizen must FEAR the motives of Democrats and vote in opposition of any of them being placed into power at any level of government.

  • I have never owned a gun or had the desire to; but I do appreciate the fact that the 2nd amendment guarantees that. If my memory is correct it was enacted so that states could when necessary raise a militia. Fast forward to 20th and 21st centuries; can someone explain to me why the general public should be able to buy an “assault” weapon? (I have heard the argument that if you take away that right, then it’s just a matter of time until they take away my pistol or single shot rifle…sorry I don’t buy it.) If my memory also is correct, haven’t most of the recent mass shootings occurred with “assault” weapons? Should each state have their own set of firearms regulations in regards to purchasing guns and the waiting period that’s called for, or should there be a comprehensive uniform federal policy regarding purchase and waiting period? What about a national buy back of “assault weaponry” with no income taxes for 5 years?

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